Try the parser

Evaluating the relevance of the parser is simple :

  • Enter (only) the address without the name of the addressee (company,firstname,lastname, inc, gmbh, Attn, to,...)
  • Select a country
  • Click on the 'parse!' or on the 'parse and standardize' buttton

sometimes, We are using a captcha to prevent abuse of the parser. If you need more information, contact us. Only implemented countries are listed. If you need a country that is not implemented, contact us.. For more information on how to use the parser or the format implemented in each country, consult the documentation.

Enter the address to parse, select a country and an output format :
 Standardize after parsing
What's an address / what's not : to sum up, an address is a place where you can send a letter or where someone could live : A simple city or zip are not considered as an address, a street name is not an address without a city,.... The parser can handle this successfully but it is designed to handle REAL addresses